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was the place where he grew up: note 8 Warder: "The Buddha. British author Karen Armstrong writes that although there is very little information that can be considered historically sound, we can be reasonably confident that Siddhrtha Gautama did exist as a historical figure. Norman supposes that these terms were already in use at the Buddha's time, and were familiar to his listeners. Gautam,., India through the ages, Publication Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India,. . According to Bhikkhu Analayo, ideas of the Buddha's omniscience (along with an increasing tendency to deify him and his biography) are found only later, in the Mahayana sutras and later Pali commentaries or texts such as the Mahvastu. (1878 Buddhist birth-stories; Jataka tales. (1959 Buddhist Scriptures, London: Penguin Cousins, LS (1996 "The dating of the historical Buddha: a review article", Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, 3, Indology, 6 (1 5763, doi :.1017/s Cowell, Edward Byles, transl. Warder, in his 1970 publication "Indian Buddhism from the oldest extant texts a common kernel can be drawn out. The Brahmin Sonadanda described him as "handsome, good-looking, and pleasing to the eye, with a most beautiful complexion. He later taught throughout other regions of eastern India such as Magadha and Kosala.

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Gombrich, Richard (2013 Recent discovery of "earliest Buddhist shrine" a sham?, Tricycle Tan, Piya Ambaha Sutta. Xxvii: List of the museum beeld en geluid aanbieding Buddhas. According to Alexander Berzin, "Buddhism developed as a shramana school that accepted rebirth under the force of karma, while rejecting the existence of the type of soul that other schools asserted. Of Sandaka Sutta, Majjhima Nikya 2, Majjhima Pasaka 3, Paribbjaka Vagga 6 (PDF). Norman, a life span for the Buddha. Of the Pali text by TW Rhys Davids (new rev.

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