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"Shot-Gunned" replaced all of them as in an American made chassis. Ga naar het winkelmandje toe. Which would put this radio right in that theme. Is your radio recapped? Posts: 5124 Location: South Central, PA Here's an image of the chassis of the 1047 (below). Most likely when the 22K ohm resistor R105 was replaced, the heat from the soldering gun allowed the fine wire from the coil to become move from the solder post. I only thought this because the one in mine doesn't operate due to what looks like a broken string, and the fact that the bandspread in mine doesn't work, and that I didn't eyeball a second variable cap in there that would be for bandspread. The radio experienced intermittent FM reception a few days after it was received by its owner. This indicates the service information is a copy of the manufacturer's schematic only, most of the time.

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Posts: 261, location: San Francisco,. Thinking about applying kickz kortingscode a cooling fan to off some heat in there. Het tegoed verzilveren kan door de volgende stappen te volgen: Ga naar de homepage. Yours may or may not have it, as it was probably made to run in the USA. Most of the procedures for this radio are printed in German.

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