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in March he was entertained by the Marquis of Win- chester at supper, again with plays. His place as an architect of court masks was now assured, and even the poets, to whom the descriptions of the perform- ances naturally fell, found it impossible to conceal the fact that his functions were at least as important as their own. A second letter of 6 March thanks the Archbishop for his advice, which apparently was, quite frankly, to bribe the Master. His salary was at first 10, afterwards 23 a quarter (Brewer, iii. He was a capitalist. Mission de Christophe de Harley, Comte de Beaumont (1602-5). The dis- guises cover an intrigue of murder 2 Antonio and Mellida, Revenger's Tragedy) or of robbery A Mad World, my Masters or of elopement A Woman is a Weathercock Or a quarrel breaks out Dutch Courtesan or a masker is discovered to be dead. He was, however, also High Steward of Maldon. The Halle was so much lessened by the workes that were in it, writes Dudley Carleton, so as none could be admitted but men of apparance. But copies or abstracts of those which related to public affairs, dirk kortingscode or in some cases copies of the letters finally issued, were made by the clerks and from time to time bound up in volumes, of which a series, far from * La Mothe,. Actors page contents xi book IV THE play-houses page XVI. 1848) ; and.

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Thus in 1604 the Duke of Holstein stood for three hours rather than sit below the Venetian ambassador. Afterwards they were reduced to one, or one was chosen as magister over the rest ; whatever the process, a single chief officer, with a group of subordinates beneath him, emerges as repre- sentative of each of the three departments. This is omitted in the licence for the Kings men and in both of those for the Revels Children, whose 1604 patent contains a special clause requiring their plays to have the approbacion and allowaunce of Samuel Daniel, whom Queen Anne had appointed for that.

In this the wording of the intended patent was settled, and this wording was followed, with varying initial and final formulae, in the subsequent instruments. During the earlier years the most important progresses were those of 15, which included visits to Cambridge and to Oxford respectively. Symonds, Shakspere's Predecessors in the English Drama (1884, i99p. This change at least synchronizes with the emergence of Inigo Jones and the beginning of the architectural domina- tion which for nearly half a century he was destined to exercise over the mask. 8 vols., ; 2nd. But the Council had the powers of the Star Chamber behind them ; and if in the end they resorted to more direct ways of control, this was probably rather for the sake of avoiding administrative friction than because they found any ultimate difficulty. John Sanford's Apollints et Musarum Eidyllia, reprinted by Plummer, 275, contains verses laudatory of the various guests.

247print kortingscode

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