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the relatively short time period of that influence. Cigar ceti money lender cei mercantile caste, traders from Prakrit sirhin cukai excise tax, custom cukam duty on goods, customs, tolls from Prakrit ukaulka cuku dried gambier roots cukku dried ginger culiah specific customer ciya title of certain sub-castes of Brahmins, Vas, etc. Living space, habitat. We hebben een eigen wasserij, fietsers kunnen hun was tegen vergoeding laten drogen. Virtually every word in Pi has cognates in the other Middle Indo-Aryan languages, the Prakrits. Festive galer ( Old ) to have fun; to enjoy oneself gala ball (formal dance) Dutch garnisun garrison garnison garrison garnisoen garrison Dutch guillotine guillotine guillotine guillotine impromptu improvised action impromptu improvised action intrik intrigue intrigue intrigue intrige intrigue Dutch kulot shorts culotte panties, shorts.

Misa mass misa mass plaza. The Dutch word is kwaliteit. Still other words taken into modern English from Malay/Indonesian probably have other origins (e.g., "satay" from Tamil, or "ketchup" from Chinese).

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See Shabbat and Sabbath. ) bhanak a low or distant sound, hum, buzz, ring hann to speak, to break silence bakdul rein bgor rein banglo perforated crates to keep the fish in the dam area bangl bangsal ward, shed, public building bhansl storehouse, magazine, granary see ( bhansl ). Circle Won are currencies of South and North Korea. Idola idol edlon. Archived from the original (PDF) on 13 February 2012. Teater theatre thétron ( Ancient ) theatre, play theater theatre Dutch. Allah is the word for God even in Christian Bible translations. Crore, ten millions,. Another is "lahar" which is Javanese for a volcanic mudflow. During development, various native terms (mostly Javanese) from all over the archipelago made their way into 40 procent korting centerparcs prenatal the language.

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